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Electric Art

We have entered into a unique partnership with Lumisource, Inc to bring you a must have toy for every weather enthusiast. The look and feel of the swirling lightning of the Tornado Electra™ will grab everyone's attention. Cows and cars are caught in the swirling force of this storm! Available in blue glass with red phosphor (top) and blue glass with blue phosphor (bottom). Measuring about 6" x 12" tall.

We are able to offer these great displays at an incredible price. What a great gift for that weather enthusiast. Sure to be a conversation piece in your home or office. We nearly sold out of 6 cases of these at the most recent conference. 

For a limited time only at $45 (includes shipping)



Purchasing Option 1:

Purchase Tornado Electras Online 

Purchase BLUE/BLUE Tornado Electras for $45 shipped

Purchase BLUE/RED Tornado Electras for $45 shipped

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Purchase online at, a veteran ecommerce company specializing in instant and secure payments. PayPal account is NOT required.

Option 2:
Purchase Tornado Electras™ by Mail Order (be sure to specify which color(s)

Uneasy about online purchasing? You can purchase our Tornado Electras with a check or money order by completing this form and mailing it with your payment.
Note in the remarks section which color(s) you are looking for! $45 each shipped.

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