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Unread 12-31-2003, 08:04 AM
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[SOLVED] Not really a weather instrument, but...

Been doodling and came up with something that those of you who run your own weather site might find useful.

Feel free to use the code and/or modify it to fit your needs. Enjoy!!

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Unread 12-31-2003, 08:52 AM
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That is really super. Will deffinately add it to my web page. Thanks for the heads up. Hope You have a Happy New Year.

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Unread 09-11-2004, 09:23 PM
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WOW! What A Wonderful Page! It'll Be A Help Around Here, I Can Tell You That. Keep Up The Great Work.

Nathan Parker
10CAST Center
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Unread 09-12-2004, 03:48 AM
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Robert -

This is really neat. Although, I tried to put on my weather page, and when I click on one of the different links, for some reason it tries to open in a new browser winodw, only to give me an error. It puts the following address in the Address bar:


I'm sure you are a very busy person, but would appreciate some guidance. Please reply or send me a PM. Thanks!

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Unread 09-12-2004, 12:31 PM
Vasilios Pantaz
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That's good. Nice and simple.
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