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Unread 08-13-2006, 02:39 PM
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Latest News

As you can see, we've made some upgrades to the forum. The main push behind this was a sudden influx of SPAM bots which sign up for random accounts on bulletin boards all over the world, simply to advertise their typical wares (casinos, pills, loans, etc...). The new forum provides a number of measures to block spammers, notably image verification. We'll also be able to do a lot more with polls, uploads, etc... Look for some additional changes, including a new theme that will better fit the looks of the home age.

In other news, SL 4.0 continues to go very well, and some initial tests with the AllisonHouse partnership data appear to be going extremely well.

As for current V3.0/3.1 users, Evan is well aware of a nuisance bug affecting a very small minority of StormLab users. Namely, StormLab will hang at 100% CPU. With the help of a couple dedicated StormLab users, the cause of this has been narrowed to a single line of code where an intermittent conflict exists between the HTTP 1.1 handling routine on the NWS server and StormLab. Evan has implemented and is now testing a fix to this using a much improved HTTP client. We are looking for a few additional folks to test this. The requirement is that you must be one of those couple users who have been experiencing these hangs on the order of every few hours. I think those folks have already emailed Evan, but if for some reason you thought this behavior was "normal" and kept quiet, please send him an email. To demonstrate that you are experiencing this problem, you will need to run StormLab in Verbose logging mode and provide an email attachment containing the StormLab\LOGS files immediately after a "hang".

If all goes well, a StormLab 3.2 patch will be released in the next week or so.

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