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InterWARN Description


  InterWARN is a state-of-the-art weather information program for Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT/XP. InterWARN turns your regular internet connection into your own automated personal wire service for National Weather Service watches, warnings and statements including Storm Prediction Center watches and outlooks, and advisories from the National Hurricane Center. InterWARN's completely customizable and interactive interface allows you to get the information YOU want with options that include visual and audio alarms as well as the ability to save, print, e-mail, and page all incoming weather information.

By bridging the gap between you and the National Weather Service, InterWARN automatically brings you the latest weather information within seconds of issuance. Many TV stations and radio stations, unknowingly to listeners and viewers, get their watches and warnings through the Associated Press and other similar sources. This allows as much as a 10 minute delay after a warning is issued before you see or hear it! This wastes valuable time that might be used to save lives and property. Why settle for anything less than software written by meteorologists?

It is important, especially in the case of severe weather warnings, for those residing in the specified area to become informed of the impending meteorological risks as soon as possible. Whether they have a link to a meteorological database like InterWARN via their computers, or alternatively their
Mobile Phone if they regularly visit a site with InterWARN's Java-based warnings system, keeping them in the know and, more importantly, able to react faster and ensure their own safety along with the safety of others in their local area.

What's new in the current version?

Why Choose InterWARN?

  • View individual watches, warnings, and advisories from an easy to read, color coded Summary Screen. You can even print an entire summary of all the hazardous weather affecting your area.

  • Our Real-Time Watch/Warning/Advisory map gives you an immediate visual display of weather hazards across your region.

  • Setup product specific audio and visual alarms to immediately alert you when a watch, warning, or advisory is issued.

  • InterWARN will check for warnings issued for the locations that YOU are concerned about. InterWARN's customizable interface even allows you to listen for marine warnings issued for coastal areas and the Great Lakes...a great plus for boaters, fisherman, and the Coast Guard.

  • Choose ONLY the specific bulletin types that you're concerned about.

  • Set automated timers to check for warnings at a user specific interval.

  • Print any incoming warnings or store them to your hard disk! Great for keeping archives of significant weather events!

  • Automatically E-mail warnings to yourself, friends and family. InterWARN will even send watches, warnings, and advisories to your cell-phone or pager displays using compressed text!

  • The new bookmark feature, like a web browser, allows you quick, instant access to the weather information you use most!

  • InterWARN's QuickLinks(tm) feature gives you instant access to satellite, radar, forecast model data and much much more! In addition, you're just one click away from the latest national news stories and Homeland Security status.

  • Those with an EMWIN hookup can instantly view ALL National Weather Service products right from their hard drive, With InterWARNs fully automated EMWIN ingestor, you will never have to know an EMWIN header again! We do the work for you.

  • The System tray icon will always display your local weather conditions and current temperature.

  • Full 160 word glossary of severe weather terms as well as the criteria the NWS uses to issue watches, warnings, and advisories.

  • Safety tips for tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, and flash floods.

Now, you can also use InterWARN to get the latest weather conditions, forecasts, and other weather information for your area, using InterWARN's new browser. No more trying to memorize National Weather Service headers. We do it for you! Plus, for advanced users, InterWARN provides access to the Storm Prediction Center's Day 1, 2 and 3 Outlooks, Mesoscale Discussions, and watch box information. Also receive bulletins, advisories and forecast information for all tropical activity in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.


System Requirements

  • IBM compatible computer with a Pentium or higher processor and at least 16 megabytes of memory.

  • Any Windows computer (98 through Windows 8) running at a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

  • An Internet connection or an EMWIN data stream.

InstaWARN Java Scroller Plug-In -- FREE!
*InterWARN Required

The Brand New InstaWarn Java Scroller allows you to provide visitors to your web site with the latest watches, warnings, and advisories scrolled across this web crawler. With a look very similar to that on The Weather Channel or your local TV station, this quick loading Java applet can be easily customized to search for warnings for your area and scroll them on your website. Clicking the applet brings up a text display of all active warnings.

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