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InterWARN -- What's New

Version 4.1 (Minor Update)

- Made use of new UCAR satellite imagery and looping techniques.

- "Watch Status Report" message under the National menu from the Storm Prediction Center will now use the Watch Outline Update product. 

- During a transition period until local offices begin issuing the new Watch County Notification product operationally, InterWARN will also load in the Watch Outline Update product from the Storm Prediction Center into the local Bulletin's screen. This will allow users to receive a county-based watch product in their Bulletins tab and ensure the InstaWARN plug-in is updating with all active bulletins.

- Removed obselete SLS.ini file from the program

- Modified code so that users with a direct EMWIN feed will not continually attempt to download graphical products from the Storm Prediction Center. These produts will be correctly received at the interval selected under the configuration screens.

- Adjusted window size for several graphical maps that were being cut off to a small degree.

- Corrected several current conditions locations and a bug that prevented use of the backup server in case of failure.

- Corrected rare problem where a corrupted graphical map plot file would cause InterWARN to crash with an execption fault error.

Version 4.0

  • Implementation of compressed .zip files for downloads should reduce bandwidth usage by over 90% and decrease processing time by over 95%. Mobile users will greatly benefit from this as well and should have remarkable success even with slow cell connections.

  • Implementation of new Real-Time Watch/Warning Map with city and county name overlays and blinking of polygon-based warnings, and ability to upload this map to your website.

  • Use of new Storm Prediction Center graphics including probabilistic forecasts

  • Several hundred header/ID changes in conjunction with NWS final header changes on June 15/Nov 1

  • Ability to use the "Del" key to remove bulletins from the main bulletin tab.

  • Ability to print graphical products

  • Fixed several bookmark related problems.

  • Ability to only have SPC Watches/Discussions trigger email/alarms/etc.. if they pertain to your area of interest.

Version 3.3

  • Successfully implemented auto-rotating servers using both a time stamp and product check. Users should note only a single option for choosing an Internet server at this point, hereby truly automating the access to data.

  • Added tropical cyclone update product post Hurricane Isabel. Should a tropical system affect the US coastline, these update nearly hourly with a new position/wind speed/pressure estimate and will appear under the Public Bulletins section automatically along with the main advisories.

  • Added SMTP Authentication for emailing services.

Version 3.2

  • Minor update to change servers, cleanup files on startup and add a few more items to map display.

Version 3.1

  • Addition of Homeland Security Threat Level and national news links to the Quick Links/News item tab.

  • Items under bulletins tab will now contain the date if the valid time is not the current day.

  • New item under the display options allows a user to have InterWARN load automatically at Windows startup.

  • Clicking the "X" in the top right corner of the software will minimize the program to the system tray to prevent accidental closing. InterWARN can be physically closed through the File menu or by right clicking on the system tray icon.

  • Fixed error 380 that occurred when minimizing a graphical web-based forecast, satellite or radar image.

  • Fixed occasional misnumbering of total number of email portions contained in a split email/page.

  • Ability to add a timed delay for paged messages to keep sequence correct on some paging systems.

  • Addition of Carribean and Mexican observations to the Current Conditions tab.

Version 3.0

  • Items under bulletins tab will not delete when program is exited. Therefore, if the program is closed and reopened, current products will appear immediately and not be emailed/printed/scrolled/etc. again.

  • Addition of Graphical page to include forecast by city,state / zipcode, satellite imagery, and radar imagery. Internet connection required.

  • Replacement of two new severs (2 & 3).

  • Fixed error count on EMWIN ingest screen

  • InstaWARN upload utility now allows the user to upload a summary OR the actual NWS bulletins. The InstaWARN plug-in also minimizes to your system tray.

  • Bookmarks now are time stamped in local standard time. Bookmarks are now checked routinely and can be set to auto-archive, auto-print, and auto-emai.

  • County selection by NWS now uses all modernized NWS office identifiers.

  • Addition of Amber Alerts (under Civil Emergency Messages)

  • Glossary/Safety Tips now moved to help menu.

  • Addition of "Find" button to text data screen to quickly search for a word or phrase within a product.

  • Began implementation for new WCN - Watch County Notification product.

  • Added SMTP authentication for email purposes.

  • Overhauled EMWIN Ingest routine to reduce CPU usage from 90-100% down to 15-20%. Also implented auto-switchover for those with dual-backup systems. InterWARN will automatically switchover to backup upon signal loss of primary station and will switch back to primary station once signal receipt resumes.

Version 2.95

  • Added support for new Hazardous Weather Outlook and SPC Day 3 Convective Outlook.

  • Main warning screen now correctly displays ONLY those counties/areas that were selected under the options settings.

  • Addition of new Java scroller available on our website (

  • Numerous product additions under forecast browser as well as changes to county/zone configurations across the US.

Version 2.9/2.91

  • To support multiple licensed clients running an NT/Windows 2000 server, all registry settings within InterWARN have been moved from HKEY_CURRENT_USER to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

  • Replaced TrayIcon control with Windows API system calls to improve performance and reduce system code.

  • Removed UGC/zone coding from pager messages

Version 2.8

  • Numerous header changes and new product additions to browser and national menus.

  • Replaced email SMTP code for improved speed/performance.

  • Improved pager compression/bullet format support (test messages should also work correctly).

  • Began implementation of dynamic watch/warning graphical display.

Version 2.71/2.75

  • Overhauled entire FTP engine for code that should now be compatible with ALL webservers. Also improved upload problem remarks in the log file.

  • Removed any pop-up windows from FTP client that would halt the upload engine.

  • Fixed corrupted moon graphics

  • Added special disturbance and tropical cyclone update messages (retrieve under public bulletins)

  • Added abbreviated header/subject to paging code.

Version 2.7

  • Fixed a problem where updates of a weather bulletin, containing the same expiration time as the original, were ignored.

  • Added header/trailer option to email messages. (Thanks to Robert Meisse for the suggestion)

  • Fixed a problem where email settings sometimes did not stick.

  • Fixed a problem retrieving current conditions for some cities (e.g. Memphis, TN)

  • Added new Daily River/Lake Forecast product (RVD) to the EMWIN stream/Weather Info Browser.

  • Added ability to set a default printer specific to InterWARN. (Thanks to Brad LaRose for the suggestion)

  • Made numerous marine zone changes, depicted in NWS SERVICE CHANGE NOTICE 01-26

  • Added 3D text/display to current conditions area to make it more graphically appeasing.

Version 2.6

  • InstaWARN plug-in did not auto-update. This has been fixed.

  • Added a log file output for those having trouble with the InstaWARN plug-in.

  • Should now say Marine Weather Statement instead of Marine Weather Flood Statement.

  • Fixed email, printing, and other problems related to tropical products.

  • Fixed Columbia/Crawford County Wisconsin switch.

Version 2.51

  • Made several hundred header changes to reflect major May 8th NWS modernization change.

  • Added a new server to improve timeliness of current conditions data.

  • Fixed rare Runtime Error 5 in EMWIN Ingestor.

  • Fixed "HTML" problem that occurred for proxy server outage.

  • Fixed decoder mismatch with Lakeshore Warnings and Statements

  • Removed blinking feature until I can figure out a way to prevent a problem that does not allow the user to double-click and view products while others are being blinked.

  • InstaWARN Scroller Appears to be working fine. Only isolated problems remain that appear to be non-program related. Added several additional customized features.

  • Added several new icons to the current conditions tab.

  • Upgraded InterWARN to Service Pack 5 to fix Microsoft memory leak with Winsock control.

Version 2.5

  • **NEW** Added Summary Message plug-in to use with InstaWARN Java Web Applet

  • **NEW** Added Upper Air plug-in to generate upper air soundings for use with SHARP or RAOB.

  • **NEW** Added Tsunami watches, warnings, bulletins to west coast states, Hawaii, and Alaska.

  • Auto-save feature now works correctly.

  • Improved email interface to improve ease-of-use.

  • Improved alarm configuration interface. Simply click the YES/NO boxes individually to change.

  • **NEW** Moving mouse over system tray icon now gives current weather and temperature!

  • Fixed color scheme incompatibility that gave the program a less-than-appealing interface with certain Windows color schemes.

  • InterWARN should now appear the same (no hidden areas) for all monitor resolutions.

Version 2.0



  • Added ability to add counties by NWS Office or by State.

  • On new warnings, watches, and advisories...the InterWARN Title Bar will now flash in the taskbar.

  • Added Current vs. Non-current check to EMWIN product browser.

  • System Tray Icon now displays current conditions/temp when mouse is moved over.

Version 1.70

  • Added Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, and current Moonphase to the Current Conditions tab.

  • Added ability to retrieve the latest METAR data from

Version 1.60

  • Added QuickLinks(tm) for radar, satellite, model data, etc...

  • Added Proxy Server Support

  • Fixed Audio Alarm and Auto-Archiving of National/Tropical Products

  • Added Win-Zip self-installation software.

Version 1.50

  • Began addition of Hawaii to warning products list

  • Implemented new scroller/crawler that is much smoother, allows customization of font/colors...nice 3D appearance.

  • Connected InterWARN to new high speed servers

  • Added current conditions display

  • Added ability to retrieve forecasts, observations, discussions, climate, etc... through new browser interface.

  • Added Bookmarks to quickly retrieve favorite products

Version 1.12

  • Addition of Short Term Forecasts (NOWcasts) to the program.

  • Added Areal Outline for Watch Boxes to segmented product list.

Version 1.11

  • Fixed EMWIN data processing problems.

  • Fixed segmented product (NPW,WSW) processing problems.

Version 1.1

  • Segmented products (NPW - Non Precipitation Warnings and WSW - Winter Weather Warnings) will now seperate into individual products, solving problem where one product type was given to a list of several different watches/warnings/statements.

  • Fixed rare bug where no state/areas affected would be listed when they should have been.

  • Fixed rare instance of wrong product type being listed in main warning display.

  • Fixed improper linefeed/carriage return problem with EMWIN datastream files, causing warnings/statements/etc.. to being ignored

  • Multiple instances of the warning scroller on the screen no longer load on top of each other.

  • Corrected versions of warnings/watches/statements will no longer be ignored by InterWARN.

Version 1.0

  • Main Warning Display now displays color-coded warning/watch/statement type.

  • Main Warning Display now lists the States and Counties/Areas affected by the warning/watch/statement.

  • Added ability to print a summary of all warnings/watches/statements in effect.

  • Updated zones.ini and counties.ini for numerous changes made by the NWS to improve forecast area responsibility.

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