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StormLab Description & Feature List

After more than 12 years, StormLab remains the leading Doppler Software available to Windows users. StormLab turns any internet connection into a unique and comprehensive display system for National Weather Service Doppler radars.  With access to over 150 radar sites across the entire US, you will have instant access to nearly 2 dozen products including reflectivity, velocity, storm relative velocity, VAD Wind Profiles, precipitation estimates, storm cell data, and MUCH more. StormLab's full-featured interface includes looping, zooming, and overlays of cities, county names, highways, mesocyclones, tornado vortex signatures, and even GPS tracking!  Everything is customizable, right down to the color tables and maps used to display the images.  Setup visual and audio alarms to alert you of the most severe storms! StormLab's auto-ingest engine allows you to store radar data from interesting events while you're away, and then go back to view the data anytime! Why settle for monthly data fees and pre-manufactured radar imagery?  Why settle for anything less than software written by meteorologists?

Why Choose StormLab?

  • Access to entire suite of over 20 Doppler radar products from each of 150 NWS radar sites.
  • No hassle interface! Even the most basic users will get the info they want in a flash.
  • Fully GIS compatible. Overlay Highways (Interstates, US Highways, State roads) or download and import your own ESRI compatible shapefiles. You can even sample the geographic overlays as you mouse over them!
  • Customized visual and audio alerts for mesocyclones, tornado vortex signatures, hail, and more.
  • Overlay Cities, county names and even customize your own locations. Our unique XML based population weighted algorithm allows for users to display even the smallest towns as you zoom in!!!
  • Overlay Storm Cell Data - Tornado vortex signatures, mesocyclones and more!
  • Ability to sample the data with the mouse to retrieve valuable information such as intensity, distance, azimuth, height, latitude and longitude.
  • User-defined color tables. 
  • Auto-archive radar data for any site(s) to your hard drive while you're away
  • View past data stored to your hard drive, CD, or other medium. Great for research, case studies, even analysis, consulting!
  • Full looping, panning and step-through.
  • Zoom-box scaled zooming.
  • Auto-Upload utility stores the latest StormLab imagery to your website. Even add your own logo!
  • Regional composite radar imagery w/ precipitation type algorithm.
  • Full integration with the Spotter Network. Submit live storm reports directly to the National Weather Service!
  • Comprehensive online help documentation.

  • No Monthly Fees! BIG MISTAKE!!

Step up to the Supercharged (pro) version of StormLab
 and you'll be able to enjoy the additional functionality of:

  • Ability to display superb hi-resolution Level 2 Data (Note: User must provide the location of his/her Level 2 data server. Storm Alert Inc. uses and highly recommends for Level 2 radar data and other great overlays compatible with StormLab Supercharged
  • Our Exclusive StormTracker Plus™ Pathcast to project time(s) and location(s) of incoming storms.
  • Real-time overlay and sampling (InterWARN license required) of watches and warnings, including tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood and marine.  
  • Ability to provide customized real-time overlays of lightning data, storm reports, hurricane tracks, and MUCH MUCH more. For more info, visit
  • Overlay/sampling of METAR surface weather observations. 
  • GPS Tracking placing YOU on the radar, along with recent tracking information. All you need is a serial port or USB capable GPS!
  • StormLab's unique "Distance Tool" telling you the measured distance and direction between any two points on the radar scope.

System Requirements

  • Windows PC with a Pentium or higher processor and at least 512MB of system memory and 32MB graphical memory.

  • Windows 98 or higher (2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7,8 preferred) running at a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels and 32-bit color depth.

  • An Internet connection or access to archived radar data.

Custom Voice Alarms for StormLab

Male Voice Example | Female Voice Example

Through the use of high tech voice synthesis engines recently designed by AT&T, we have created a series of males and female voices (see examples above) for use with StormLab's storm cell alerts.
Purchase the set of 18 amazing quality audio clips now for only $5!!!


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